About the shampoo brand The Little French is a French company that manufactures high quality single use hair care products. We have chosen to manufacture our products in France so that we can offer you high quality products and components. We seek to showcase our unique vision of beauty, a vision rooted in our deep commitment to our true values. Since our company was founded in 2019, we have worked hard to grow our business day by day, with the goal of obtaining your full approval and meeting your needs as best as possible. Thank you! Your support and honest feedback has enabled us to improve the quality of our products as much as possible so that we can meet all of your needs.

From the people
From the people
I am very happy with the shampoo and mask that I used, my hair has become shiny and healthy in my hair, and everyone is asking me about my hair care routine. I have tried all kinds of shampoo, but I did not get a quick and wonderful result like the one I got from you, so I thank you very much❤️
— Taif Abdullha
From the people
شامبو الخروع
الريييحة اجننن و حسي شعري تغير خلال ها الاسبوعين و صارت النفشة اقل
— Pahiz charni



تناسب هذه المنتجات شعري بشكلٍ مثالي، إذ أنّها تغذّيه بدون أن تجعله دهنياً، كما أنّها تزيده لمعاناً بما يوحي أنّني خرجت تواً من صالون تصفيف الشعر. أعجبتني هذه المنتجات بشدّة وأنصح الجميع بتجربتها!


إنّها لَمجموعةٌ رائعة بالفعل! أصبح شعري مرطّباً من جديد، كما عاد نضراً كسابق عهده. شعري الذي كان قد فقد تجاعيده بالكامل عاد كثيفاً وصحياً!


أصبح شعري ناعماً وسهل التمليس. وهذا أمرٌ لم يحدث منذ سنوات عديدة. أعشق هذه المجموعة، فرائحة منتجاتها عطرة جدّاً.


Just perfect for my hair, the products nourish my hair without nourish my hair without making it greasy and my hair has an incredible shine I feel like I just got my hair done. I love it and I recommend it!