One of the main concerns with blonde or gray hair: yellow and orange highlights . Who has never known someone with sunflower yellow hair? Don't worry, blue shampoo works wonders .. and it's time to discover or rediscover the trick!

What is a blue shampoo used for?

The “ blue shampoo ” is intended to cancel the yellow or orange reflections that blond hair can have. The pigments present in the shampoo will cancel out the “warm” effects of the color .

Blonde hair tends to turn yellow and the main culprits are: pollution , UV exposure or even tobacco .

We can also find ourselves from the coloring stage with yellow or even orange hair (if we decide to opt for a polar blond on a brown base for example). The reason: discolorations that are too aggressive or poorly dosed.

Also called “purple shampoo” or “silver shampoo”, it allows the dullest hair to revive its shine and revive its shine!


How often to use a yellowing shampoo?


Although very effective for maintaining your blond hair on a daily basis, blue or purple shampoo is relatively drying for the hair . It will be advisable in case of blond or ash blond hair to use it only once every two weeks . If you opted for a platinum blond, polar blond or gray, it can be used more regularly: about once a week .

However, these shampoos are not for daily use. Discolored hair is already relatively fragile, you will only accentuate this problem.

However , we advise you to apply a moisturizing and nourishing mask on the days when you use your purple shampoo to preserve their hydration.


But then, how to use blue shampoo?

Just like a normal shampoo, apply the blue shampoo to wet hair , then rinse thoroughly. To amplify the yellowing effects, you can wait a few minutes in your shower, leaving the shampoo on before rinsing .

We do not necessarily recommend that you leave the blue shampoo on for several hours (like what we can see on the internet) at the risk of drying out your hair and above all, of ending up with blue or purple hair if not not the desired effect.

On the other hand, the trick can be interesting if you want to opt for purple or blue reflections on a platinum blond , without investing in a color. In this case, we advise you to mix the blue shampoo with a mask or a conditioner , for example, to dissipate the drying effects of the shampoo .


Now that I know what it is, which blue shampoos to choose?


Here is a selection of shampoos to perfect your blonde hair.


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