Keratin is a protein particularly used in hairdressing thanks to its many benefits. We are going to explain to you what keratin really is, what are its advantages and why its use is so frequent in the world of hairdressing.

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The raw material of the hair is composed of 85% Keratin. This natural protein is made up of amino acids that help build skin appendages: hair, hair, and nails. Keratin is formed thanks to the storage of dead cells which constantly rise towards the hair follicle. It does not regenerate during the life of the hair. Its role is to protect the hair from external aggressions, however, the more the hair is subjected to aggression, the less it naturally contains keratin.

The hair is largely composed of keratin, and each of the layers that make up the structure of the hair has a very specific function:
   The cuticle , which constitutes the first layer, protects the hair by sealing all the scales of the hair between them. , giving it a smooth appearance. The cuticle stores water inside the hair to hydrate it naturally
   The cortex , the second layer of the hair, is made up of fibers that define the elasticity and strength of the hair
   The medulla , the third layer of the hair, serves from spine to hair

Keratin acts to strengthen and glue the scales of the hair, it comes to smooth the first layer of the hair, the cuticle. It helps to protect, smooth and gradually transform the structure of the hair. It serves as a protective film and restores strength and shine to the hair.



Keratin is a star active ingredient in Brazilian straightening , it allows you to modify the structure of the hair in depth. Brazilian straightening is used to relax the hair fiber of curly, frizzy or unruly hair towards a more supple and disciplined material. Keratin provides deep care for damaged hair, subjected to many coloring and/or bleaching techniques. Indeed, its formulation is richer in keratin than shampoos and conditioners containing this protein. The hair is repaired from the inside thanks to the preparatory action of the Step 1 shampoo.

Brazilian smoothing consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Purifying shampoo - It cleanses the hair in depth, removing cosmetic residues and thus preparing the hair to receive the keratin treatment.
Step 2: Keratin treatment - It has a restorative action and helps relax the curl. It also brings softness and shine to the hair and facilitates styling.
Step 3: Seal the scales – Finally, some Brazilian straightenings consist of a last step in the form of a mask or spray which will seal the scales of the hair in order to trap the keratin and improve the final result.

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With keratin, the hair is protected. Thanks to its direct action on the cuticle, it fills and strengthens the scales of the hair. Keratin is a great ally to use with the  Steampod 3.0 or other  steam straighteners since products that contain keratin tame frizz and relax curly or unruly hair. It is also possible to integrate keratin-based hair care products into your usual hair routine. These products will act on the surface to strengthen the hair fiber, bring shine and vigor to the hair.

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