What is hair botox and why succumb to it?

In the world of hair, there are many treatment possibilities. Hair botox is one of them. Discover all its secrets here!

When it comes to taking care of your hair, the different masks, treatments and other treatments on the hair market are so varied that it is sometimes very difficult to know which option to turn to! As for the active ingredients, it's the same story: there are many natural ingredients that wish our hair good and we sometimes don't know where to turn. Between moisturizing coconut oil, nourishing shea butter, naturally smoothing olive oil for the hair, softening honey, balancing ylang-ylang oil for the scalp... There is an infinity of active and each has the art of meeting one or more very specific hair needs. Perhaps the hardest part is determining what our hair really needs!

In order to benefit from several benefits at the same time, there are hair treatments concentrated in active ingredients. Know that hair botox is one of these treatments acting in depth and in a more intensive way . Let's now discover together what is behind this treatment (composition, benefits, price…)!


What is hair botox?

If the name "botox" can be confusing, don't worry. Hair botox actually has little to do with botox which is injected directly into the skin, intended to correct or prevent certain facial wrinkles. In fact, these are two very different treatments. Hair botox actually only owes its name to the rejuvenating effect it has on the hair. As cutaneous botox is the anti-aging treatment par excellence, its name has simply been applied to the hair version.

Hair botox is a relatively recent process, which explains why it is still largely unknown. And if it is often associated with cutaneous botox, it is not the only treatment with which it is confused. Indeed, many people do not know the difference between hair botox and Brazilian straightening... It must be said that these two treatment methods have many points in common: their keratin content , mainly. Yet they remain different. Indeed, when Brazilian smoothing relaxes the fiber making up the hair to smooth it better, hair botox is not necessarily used for its smoothing effect, but rather for its qualities of hydration and deep repair of the hair. hair fiber. You will have understood: if hair botox is not dedicated to smoothing, it is a real care product .

What active ingredients are found in hair botox?

To give a real youthful boost to the hair, hair botox can rely on the two active ingredients that mainly compose it: keratin and hyaluronic acid.
Fundamental protein, naturally produced by the body, keratin makes up 85% of our hair. It has a protective role and is essential to the good health of the hair fiber. Keratin helps in particular to smooth the cuticle (superficial layer) of the hair. Only then, when the hair is damaged, the protective layers of keratin also suffer. If this protein is not renewed, it is quite possible to reinject it into the hair, through a keratin treatment, in particular. Result: the hair is relaxed, radiant, strengthened and protected.

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Hyaluronic acid is also one of the most popular active ingredients in the world of beauty. The flagship moisturizing ingredient of many anti-aging cosmetic products, it is enjoying unprecedented popularity. This is also an element naturally present in our body, but whose production slows down over the years. As with the skin, the use of treatments formulated with hyaluronic acid can prevent, or even delay, hair aging, although it remains inevitable. It is thanks to its extremely nourishing properties that this molecule manages to plump up, repair and hydrate the hair.

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By combining the benefits of these two active ingredients, keratin and hyaluronic acid, hair botox is like a real makeover for our hair. After its application, the hair comes back to life and is transformed. Even the color is revived!

Hair botox: for whom?

If this hair treatment is suitable for all types of hair, this treatment is still more recommended for people whose hair is particularly dry, dehydrated, even damaged , whatever the cause. Repeated colorations and/or discolorations, use of heating devices, use of products that are too aggressive… The sources of this hair damage can be multiple. You will understand, if split ends and frizz are part of your daily life and you want to start on a good basis: hair botox is made for your hair!

How to perform hair botox?

Hair botox is a treatment that can be performed in a hair salon. To do this, the professional to whom you are going to entrust your hair will simply take a brush and apply - strand by strand - this treatment based on keratin and hyaluronic acid on all of your hair, preferably clean and damp. Once the hair is completely covered, it will be placed under a heating cap, which will allow the scales of the hair to be removed and thus facilitate the penetration of the product inside the hair fiber. The hair will then be dried and possibly straightened. Arm yourself with patience: such a treatment can last up to three hours . The advantage with hair botox is that the result is immediate.!
Be careful, not all hair salons offer hair botox! Make sure this is the case for yours before making an appointment. Regarding the price, on average you will have to pay between 70 and 160 euros depending on the expertise of the professional to whom you decide to turn.

Homemade hair botox, is it possible?

It is quite possible to perform hair botox at home. To do this, everything will depend mainly on the product you will use, of course. This is why the best advice we can give you will be to refer carefully to its instructions for use.
In any case: certain gestures are still recommended. Already, the best thing with this type of treatment is to wear a pair of gloves before handling the treatment. It is also recommended to wash your hair using a clarifying shampoobefore, in order to optimize the adhesion of the product. Then, apply the treatment a little like you would have done with a classic hair mask: to make your job easier, the good idea is to separate your hair into several equal parts, to bring a brush and to proceed on hair still slightly damp. Finally, the heat step being essential for the good penetration of the treatment, we also recommend that you wrap your hair in cellophane, or use a heating cap, in order to remove the scales from the hair as much as possible. Leave on, rinse, dry, voila. You can also apply a straightener if you wish, but nothing compulsory.


We tested hair botox, our verdict! 

Loreleï's opinion - Fine, dry, curly, colored hair: “could do better! »

“I had heard for a long time about hair botox and its benefits for hair that was naturally lacking in nutrition or weakened following discoloration or hair transformation. As I am affected by both cases, I thought it was an opportunity for me to give my lengths a real makeover. Because they rub on my shoulders, my tips get damaged quickly and I often have to cut them off much to my dismay. I cut, my hair grows back well, it rubs and gets damaged. A real vicious circle and I was counting on this treatment to thwart it once and for all and overcome this accursed length. 

I appreciated the application ritual, which I found rather quick, compared to certain Brazilian smoothings for example, where it takes almost half a day in the salon. The result just after is very satisfying: a nice natural shine, a satin softness, easy styling... But... let's say that for this price (on average 150€), I prefer, for my hair type, to go a little more expensive and go for a Brazilian straightening whose contribution of care, even according to the straightening option, will be more important and more durable in the long term, especially if you maintain it correctly. Afterwards, if your hair has very basic nutrition and repair needs, this treatment will be ideal and will undoubtedly do them a world of good and I can only advise you to go for it! »


Marie's opinion - Long and damaged hair:  “regain shine and softness”

“I have long and very brittle hair. Hair botox is one of the only treatments that can strengthen my ends and limit their breakage. I do it in the salon, twice a year, to bring my hair back to life, which I abuse daily throughout the year - especially with straightenings every morning. The hair botox nourishes my hair and allows it to regain incredible shine and a very soft touch! I really appreciate the result. »

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