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Collagen, an anti-aging for hair and scalp

Collagen, an anti-aging for hair and scalp

Collagen is an anti-aging ally for the hair, it takes care of sublimating our hair. Discover the restorative role of collagen on hair and scalp with us.


Is collagen also anti-aging for the hair?

What we already know: Collagen is a key component of our anti-aging treatments, intended for the beauty and youthfulness of our skin .

What is less known is that it is also a fabulous ally for our hair . Included in shampoos, conditioners or treatments to apply as a mask, collagen takes care of sublimating our hair. Indeed, its incredible virtues act on shine and volume.

Collagen treatments: a preventive and repairing role for the hair

Collagen treatments make it possible to repair the hair, to smooth it, to soften it: The collagen will penetrate deep inside the hair fiber and will continue to be released gradually to continue to beautify all the hair over the long term. . Hydrated and sheathed, at the root, the hair is more supple and will be better placed.

How do they act?

  • On the gaps in the hair

    The collagen present in the treatments fills in the porosities that damage the hair. It acts as a real shield to fill the gaps in the hair fiber and strengthen it durably. By penetrating into it, it will increase the diameter of the hair for thicker locks . At the same time, the collagen softens the hair and softens it. We can say goodbye to dry ends like straw!

  • On the elasticity of the hair

    The purpose of collagen is also to restore the elasticity of the hair , to provide body and long-lasting protection against external aggressions. Every day, the hair is subjected to severe tests (brushing, coloring, external aggressions, sun, chlorinated water from the swimming pool, pollution, etc.). This is why it is important to properly rehydrate and repair your hair with collagen.

  • On hair volume

    If you have dull, dry, damaged hair, you are the right person to try collagen hair care. Whether shampoos, masks, conditioners provided that collagen is present. This molecule will restore volume and vitality to your hair. It is a godsend for fine hair that wishes to become denser.

Our application tips

Apply, after your shampoo, your collagen-based treatment on the scalp and hair while still wet. Gently massage , remove excess product, rinse lightly without removing all the product and dry the hair, taking care to hold the hair dryer a little away. Another solution: use a revitalizing collagen-based mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes on washed and still wet hair. Then rinse it thoroughly.

Collagen acts inside the hair itself: Its repairing role at the root of the scalp

Collagen molecules are naturally present in the dermis of the scalp, but decrease with age . They have moisturizing and restorative properties that make them miraculous for the hair fiber. They carry away and trap water so that the lengths are no longer dehydrated and act positively inside the hair itself. This is why collagen is nicknamed the "protein" of hair beauty.

Short explanation:

Hair grows under the skin from a follicle located on the basal lamina , at the base of the root. These follicles are anchored in the dermis of the scalp and nourished by the blood vessels which gives them the nourishment necessary for their growth.

However, you should know that the dermis is made up of 80% collagen and that the skin of the scalp is therefore filled with it. Furthermore, one of the dermal parts of the hair follicle is the connective tissue which lines the epithelium . This is made up of epithelial cells in three layers of collagen fibers which provide a barrier role and glandular excretion. Collagen molecules thus provide structural and biochemical support to the surrounding cells and largely determine the appearance and proper functioning of the scalp.

It also appears that there is a link between the extracellular matrix and the regeneration of the hair follicle. However, the extracellular matrix of connective tissue is composed of fundamental substances, mainly water and collagen fibers.

The firmer and healthier the scalp tissue, the more hair loss is likely to be delayed.

Some anti-dandruff or herbal shampoos can help slow hair loss. Some lotions based on baking soda, apple cider, or essential oils (nettles) can reduce fungal infections that induce dryness of the scalp that initiates hair loss. These topical applications certainly have a role, and are to be adopted, but they do not make it possible to regenerate the collagen of the epithelial cells.

The loss of collagen with age leads to the degradation of the hair fiber and accelerates hair loss

Bad news :

With age, the collagen at the root of the hair disappears, the follicles contract, causing hair loss. In the event of blood circulation failure, the hair is no longer nourished: the collagen sheath protecting the hair fiber stiffens, compresses the hair, making it more brittle.

Result :

Hair grows slower, loses volume and becomes dry and brittle. Scalp tissue is damaged, hair loss is accelerated.

In addition to age, many physiological or emotional factors can come into play. Just as our way of life can influence the health of our hair: a poor lifestyle influences our metabolism which will then absorb the nutrients essential to the hair less well. Let's cite a few examples: stress, poor diet, heredity, medication, chemicals, cigarette smoke, hormonal changes, over-styling, pollution ... All of these causes can have an impact and lead to to damage or excessive hair loss. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the hair and scalp are healthy , conditioned and nourished:taking a sufficiently dosed collagen supplement helps .

Drinking collagen alone boosts hair density and strengthens it from within. It has unsuspected repairing and moisturizing powers thanks to its concentration and its action: It acts inside the scalp and the structure of the hair fiber. It thus contributes to hair growth. In short, it is similar to an anti-aging treatment for the hair.

This is the asset that will allow you to have shiny and full hair because the collagen in food supplement has a positive impact on hair growth. It penetrates the heart of the hair fiber to fill it with hydration and elasticity. The hair seems denser and gains in volume, while being strengthened and shiny. A healthy and healthy scalp is the guarantee of beautiful hair.


Combine your usual care with a 10g drinkable collagen supplement .

Consuming a sufficient dose of collagen supplies the body with the amino acids necessary for the formation of new endogenous collagen for the renewal of the connective tissues of the scalp or hair fibers.

The body cannot make up for the lack of its own collagen production. It therefore becomes essential to give him an outside contribution to help him boost his own production. Collagen in the form of a drinkable supplement not only helps us to reproduce our own collagen, if it is sufficiently dosed and functional, but also helps nourish and keep hair healthy from the inside out. It provides a healthy and natural nutritional balance.

By adding a good quality collagen supplement to your diet on a daily basis, you participate in the renewal of your own collagen and increase your resistance to aging.

In conclusion :

For the health of your hair, we suggest that you drink plenty of water, avoid smoking, have a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, and above all take a collagen supplement to add to your beauty routine. .

Supporting collagen production as you age helps prevent cell damage and guarantees thick, healthy hair . The period of hair lacking density, which becomes thinner or which falls out, could finally be resolved by investing in a food supplement enriched with collagen in sufficient doses. To test urgently !

Thus the combination of your usual hair care (shampoos / creams) with a 10 gram sachet of collagen to drink daily can be the promise of dazzling hair in the long term.

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