Here's everything you need to know about hyaluronic acid for hair

Hair is a great ally of physical beauty. The silkier and more radiant they are, the more their holder is highlighted. What should be done to keep a beautiful hair? The use of products containing hyaluronic acid is increasingly popular with bloggers and hairdressing professionals. But does this substance really make it possible to sublimate dry and damaged hair.

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What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is often mentioned in the world of cosmetic surgery. Its use on certain parts of the face makes it possible to attenuate wrinkles in an optimal way. In fact, it works wonders. A small injection of this product is enough to restore the youthfulness of its user. Say goodbye to wrinkles and dark circles! Its use is almost odorless and it has an immediate effect. According to professionals of aesthetic medicine, this substance not only has a beneficial effect on the face. It also works miracles on hair in very poor condition.

Hyaluronic acid is considered a flagship molecule of modern times. This product stands out for its ability to hydrate any cell. According to scientists, this molecule is naturally present in every human being. It acts like a water sponge. Over time, the body decreases its production. To maintain its effects, it is therefore important to provide it to the body.

Its role is to hydrate the skin as much as possible and to provide the complexion with great freshness. This substance has an extraordinary effect on the hair. It repairs and strengthens the hair fiber.

What are the benefits for the hair?

The use of hyaluronic acid has become commonplace for many people. This is understandable since this product has significant beneficial effects on the physical aspect. Thanks to it, the skin becomes firmer, the complexion is more refreshed, wrinkles are eliminated and the hair is no longer damaged.

It is never pleasant to find that our hair has split ends or breaks easily at the slightest opportunity. The use of hyaluronic acid helps prevent this kind of situation. It acts on the scalp by revitalizing it. The hair fiber then becomes more resistant. Once the product has finished moisturizing and repairing damaged hair, the hair becomes more shiny and radiant. It softens the hair fiber and puts an end to unwanted frizz. It is the perfect ally for damaged hair.

What are the dangers ?

A double-edged sword

When we take a quick look at the point of view of people using hyaluronic acid, opinions differ. Some maintain that it is a product that has a miraculous effect on the hair. Others claim that on the contrary, it did not give the desired effect. When you take a closer look, you can say that none of these opinions are wrong. The effects of the product are different depending on the type of hair and may be different from one user to another.

A product that must be chosen with care

Before opting for a particular hyaluronic acid product, one should check the other components of it. Some may contain substances that are allergy factors for your body.

Hair botox or hyaluronic acid?

Hair botox users often associate it with hyaluronic acid. They are quite right. This type of botox contains a mixture of keratin and hyaluronic acid. Its main mission is to revive and strengthen the hair fiber. In other words, this product hydrates and nourishes the scalp so that the hair is as shiny and vibrant as ever.


What are the best hyaluronic acid shampoos?

hyaluronic acid range dubai


This product consists of 100% vegetable hyaluronic acid. The advantage with this shampoo is that it is suitable for all hair types. It can be used by people with normal, fine, thick, dry, oily, dull or brittle hair.

It acts quickly on the scalp. The hair fiber is hydrated and regenerates easily. The hair becomes more resplendent and silky.

This HAIR MASK stands out from other products thanks to its high content of vitamin C and E. It is also composed of other nutrients that are beneficial for the scalp. Its components are associated with hyaluronic acid. The hair is deeply hydrated and nourished. Regenerated and revitalized, your hair fiber regains a new youthfulness. It should be noted that 10% of its constituents come from organic farming.



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