How often should you (really) wash your hair?

When it comes to hair washing, everyone has their opinion and it can lead to real... bun crepes! Between those whose roots get greasy too quickly, those who want a nice styling or those who can't stand going more than a day without washing them...How often should you wash your hair?     Every day ? Every two days, as little as possible? Here is the answer and the factors that affect washing.



If you want to know the frequency of washing to adopt, you must first identify three elements. Indeed, the physiology of each person is different, just as much as their daily life or their diet. These crucial parameters have an impact on the health and appearance of the scalp. Thus, to know the recurrence at which it is necessary to grant a shampoo, it is necessary to take into account 1) the type of hair, 2) the daily activity, 3) the shampoo used. It is these three equations that determine the frequency of washing.


Because it grows on a naturally drier scalp, curly hair is the big winner of the debate. The finer fibers will be washed more frequently. There have always been two schools of opposition between the clan of daily washing and spaced out shampoos. Anyway, you have to listen to your body and remember that washing removes the necessary layer of sebum from the scalp. It is therefore necessary to avoid attacking it too much.


If you work in environments that promote perspiration or you come back from a sports session, it is complicated to ignore the shampoo, which can sometimes be daily. In this case, it is necessary to adopt a gentle routine. In addition,the roots do not have the same needs as the tips. Using a dry shampoo can be a good option to wait until the next wash.


Hair that is abnormally greasy or prone to dandruff may result from an unsuitable product. It may be interesting to opt for a rebalancing shampoo, or why not be tempted by the co-wash method which consists of washing your hair with your conditioner. In general, washing your hair twice a week is a good average.

In the event of extreme dandruff or oily hair, it is advisable to consult a specialist, such as a dermatologist, to determine the causes and find the appropriate solutions.

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