Argan oil, also called argan oil, is a miracle product, both for the body and for the hair. It must be said that women have been using it for centuries as a treatment for curly hair and to moisturize their skin in a natural way. Today, argan oil is found everywhere, especially as a shampoo for curly hair. presents all the benefits of argan oil for hair in this article.


What is vegetable argan oil?

Argan oil, fruit of the argan tree otherwise called "Moroccan oil" was born on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. Less known than jojoba oil, it nevertheless works miracles on the hair. Its production comes from trees from Morocco, more particularly from the kernels of the argan tree. Because of its many assets and its high vitamin content,  argan oil is nicknamed "liquid gold". It must be said that this very popular little natural miracle is enriched with vitamins (A and E), fatty acids and antioxidants. So many high quality components that explain why this oil is still used today all over the world and why argan oil is a remedy for curly hair!


Organic argan oil, the miracle care to moisturize damaged hair


Curly and damaged hair has found its miracle treatment. This is argan oil which contains a large number of essential fatty acids to keep hair in excellent health, while providing vitality and shine . Argan oil has many benefits, including that of moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing the hair.


The hair fiber becomes stronger, more supple and gains in shine. It repairs and strengthens as it is used, which allows it to easily face external aggressions such as the sun, wind, heat or even pollution and chlorine. The other advantage of argan oil is that it can be used at any time of the year, especially before going on vacation. And if you combine this 100% natural solution with shea butter, you get a tailor-made repairing hair mask for your rough and damaged ends.

 argan oil shampoo

Which argan oil for hair?

Argan oil brings all its benefits when it is pure and vegetable, 100% organic and not associated with other chemical products. In other words, the oil must meet the following characteristics:

  • not be refined
  • to be cold pressed
  • contain no added fragrance. Knowing that in its natural state argan oil smells very slightly of hazelnut and toasted sesame
  • be presented in a glass bottle, preferably tinted.


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