About Us


In France, we've been told our entire lives that "One has to suffer to be beautiful". At SHAMPOU, let's say that we strongly DISAGREE. In our perfect world, an on fleek make-up can have beautiful hair.

The Little French Company is a French company specialized in professional quality hair products for individuals. We have chosen to manufacture our products in France to promise you high-quality products and ingredients. We want to put forward our vision of beauty, one that responds to deep commitments and sincere values. Born in 2019, we strive to improve every day to satisfy you and meet your needs fully. Thank you so much for being so supportive! Your support and opinions allow us to improve our products to the maximum to meet all your needs.


Brand History



Founded by a French power-couple Guillaume and Laura Rassemi In 2021, the pioneers of the social media marketing. It all started with Laura having a struggle to find a product for her own hair. She and her husband decided to tackle the problem on their own. After months of meticulous work with the best laboratories in France they have finally came up with a formula that would be the starting ground of their wide collection of unique haircare products. “Each woman has her hair and her problems therefore a this creates a need for a distinct range of product to suite each. Each shampoo is accompanied by its adapted hair mask. It is the combination of the two that allows the hair to reveal all its splendour.” – Laura Rassemi