Collagen, the molecule that sublimates your hair

Essential to the youthfulness of your skin, collagen proves to be a major ally in your quest for perfect hair. The proof by four with its still little known capillary benefits.

1. It moisturizes the hair

Collagen molecules, naturally present in the body, have moisturizing and restorative properties which also make them miraculous for the hair fiber as well as for the epidermis, like hyaluronic acid. They bring and trap water in the heart of the fiber to say goodbye to dehydrated lengths and rough to the touch. This is why they are at the heart of the formula of the Nutrition and Suppleness shampoo from the Hydra Therapy range by "shampou the little french company"!

2. It's a real shield for weakened locks!

By filling in the gaps in the fiber the way it fills in wrinkles, collagen strengthens your hair for a long time. The proteins that it releases in this way continue to coat the cuticle and coat it to form a protective film on the surface of the hair.

3. It boosts the volume of your hair

By penetrating the hair fiber, the collagen increases its diameter for visibly thicker locks. A boon for fine hair that wants to show maximum volume or sparse hair that immediately looks fuller.

4. This is the key to perfect (almost) permanent brushing

It makes you dream and yet it is a feat made possible by a simple smoothing with collagen. This one softens your lengths for their give a beautiful, very natural brushed effect that lastsup to six months!

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