What routine should you adopt?

How to wash your hair with SHAMPOU?


1. Choose a SHAMPOU shampoo and a mask, adapted to your scalp and hair type (a quiz on the home page of our website https://shampou.com/ will help you choose)


2. Brush your hair before washing it to remove all impurities


3. Wet your hair with warm water, not too hot


4. Put a dab of SHAMPOU shampoo in the palm of your hands


5. Start the application on the top of the head, at the level of the forehead without putting any on the ends


6. Use circular motions to activate the blood circulation


7. Rinse thoroughly (very important) with cold water


8. Use the SHAMPOU mask and leave on for 5 minutes


9. Detangle your hair starting with the ends (to avoid breaking your hair)


10. Rinse thoroughly and make sure you don't leave any product in your hair


And normally, after all that, you should have the hair of your dreams


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