Hyaluronic acid: the new ally for dream hair in dubai ?

Hyaluronic acid has many benefits for the skin but also for the hair! Volume, shine, hydration... we take stock of all the benefits of this ingredient for our mane.

We already knew the many benefits of hyaluronic acid on the skin, and in particular its anti-aging action. But these would not be the only assets of the star ingredient of recent years. It would also have very beneficial effects on the hair. We tell you everything!



Hyaluronic acid: our hair's new ally?

Hyaluronic acid has been used in many hair care products for some time now. But few people had really lingered on its benefits for our mane. In particular, because we often hear about this ingredient for plumping and anti-aging face care.

It was without counting on TikTok and all the beauty tips delivered on this social network. A video extolling the merits of this ingredient on the hair has also counted no less than 3.8 million views. This is from professional makeup artist Katilyn Boyer (@katilynroundtree). The young woman did the test of applying a hyaluronic acid serum from The Ordinary brand to her tips for two weeks. The before/after turned out to be stunning.


Why such a result? Because this molecule is very moisturizing for our tips. Indeed, applied to wet hair, hyaluronic acid can contain about 1,000 times its weight in water. This helps retain moisture and prevent dehydration of the hair fiber


“You take care of your hair in the same way as skin or nails. It is therefore logical that an ingredient that smoothes and hydrates the skin will have the same result on our lengths. What makes the hair dull and dry, even rough, is that microscopically they have like small raised scales. Used in cream or oil, hyaluronic acid will flatten these scales. The hair will therefore be shinier and softer”, informs us Catherine Gaucher, dermatologist.

There is no longer any doubt, hyaluronic acid is an ally in our quest for a dreamy mane.

Hyaluronic acid on the hair to prevent split ends

Among the many benefits of hyaluronic acid on the hair, there is its action on our split ends.

This active ingredient helps to fight against brittle hair , thanks to its moisturizing properties. This helps prevent split ends, as well as making our hair healthy.

Hyaluronic acid also prevents dehydration of the fiber, which restores vitality to our lengths. It is an ingredient that is also ideal for dry hair.

Hyaluronic acid to bring volume to our hair

The active principles of hyaluronic acid also make it possible to bring volume to our hair. By moisturizing the fiber, it has a thickening action which gives more material to your hair.

Used in care, it is ideal for fine hair because it gives them a denser texture by plumping them. They regain tone!

Hair regains its shine with hyaluronic aid

Pollution, tobacco consumption, stress or lack of maintenance can easily make our hair dull .

As Dr Catherine Gaucher explained to us, hyaluronic acid will be able to bring shine and softness to our hair, by acting on the scales.

By deeply rehydrating the lengths, this star ingredient restores shine to the fiber. Our mane is healthy and it shows.

Tame hair with hyaluronic acid

Finally, hyaluronic acid is effective in taming unruly hair , including flyaways and frizz, caused by the swelling of the hair. 

Indeed, a care based on this active principle allows to smooth our mane and to act on the hair which does not hold in place. It will also give flexibility to our lengths .

Curly and frizzy hair can also benefit from its assets, since this ingredient has the ability to restore definition and bounce to curls.

How to use hyaluronic acid on hair?

If makeup artist Katilyn Boyer applies a skin serum directly to her lengths, there are already plenty of hair care products containing hyaluronic acid.

  • In shampoo or conditioner at home

You can find this super ingredient in many conditioners and shampoos. Brands such as " shampou by the little french company NUMBER 9 " have been adding it to their formulations for some time. This makes this star active ingredient accessible to all budgets. Do not hesitate to follow a cure, in addition to a serum or a  mask for the hair.


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