Collagen Range - fuller hair


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The Collagen range is a thick shampou that would create body and density to the hair in order for you to have thicker hair after the first use . Paired with its hair mask ,Volume filler conditioner would penetrate the hair fiber from root to the top for a healthier full hair .
The combo will give great texture for thicker feel , root lift and lasting volume over time


Collagen Shampoo : 

The Collagen shampoo from the shampou range is the ideal solution to purify your hair by giving it volume. Its unique formulation, infused with Collagen acts on the filling of gaps in the hair fiber. Collagen deeply rebuilds the damaged structure of fine, devitalized and weakened hair. Your hair is visibly healthier and fuller.


Mask Collagen :

The Collagen hair mask from the shampou range is enriched with precious castor oil. This oil protects the hair against the rigors of everyday life. Its unique Collagen-infused formula seals the hair cuticle increasing its softness and shine. Your hair regains a healthy and voluminous appearance.


Apply a sufficient amount to wet hair, massage in circular motions and rinse thoroughly. After using the Collagen Shampoo , wring out hair well. Then apply the hair mask generously and massage from the roots to the ends. Wait only 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.