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What do you need for your hair?

Imperial Botox Range
The IMPERIAL content is adapted and designed to give a second wind to your hair by repairing it in depth. Enriched with Keratin and Caviar extracts, this range will make your hair supple and shiny.

The shampoo ImperialImperial Clarifying Shampoo was specifically designed to be applied before Botox Imperial. It will prepare the penetration of Keratin for an optimal result by opening the scales of your hair. Thanks to its detoxifying effect, it eliminates impurities and residues. The scalp is thus cleansed.

The Castor Oil Range
The Castor range is suitable for people with dry, brittle, and devitalized hair, as well as people who want to grow their hair as quickly as possible.

The Castor shampooRepairing with Castor Oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. It repairs and nourishes dry It also stimulates hair growth and regrowth and coats the ends. For smooth, silky, repaired and radiant hair of vitality.

Hyaluronic Acid Range
The Silver Range regenerates and brings shine to your hair while neutralizing yellow or orange reflections due to pollution, UV exposure or even tobacco for a silky and luminous result.

Silver Shampoo regenerates and brightens your hair while neutralizing yellow or orange highlights caused by pollution, UV exposure or smoking for a silky, luminous result. Suitable for colored and dull hair, it provides ultimate shine and gently cleanses your hair.

Monoï Range
The Monoi shampoo is designed to nourish and protect the hair. It contains Monoi oil, renowned for its nourishing, repairing and protective benefits. This shampoo protects the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. The Monoi oil mask is specially designed to protect and repair the hair following exposure to the sun and the harmful effects of UV rays.

The Monoi oil shampoo from the SHAMPOU range is designed to nourish. Monoi oil is known for its nourishing, repairing and protective benefits. This shampoo protects hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. Nourished and protected, your hair is softer, shinier and easier to style.

Keratin Range
The Keratin Range enriched with pure Keratin is designed to repair, coat the lengths and form a protective barrier on the surface of your hair, to bring suppleness and shine. and form a protective barrier on the surface of your hair, to bring it suppleness and shine. This unique formula will allow a better fixation of the Keratin on the scales. For smooth, repaired, nourished and supple hair. Ideal for a perfect smoothing.

The Keratin Range is suitable for smooth and dry hair. Enriched with keratin, it moisturizes in-depth, allows the hair to regain its vitality, and provides a smoothing effect.

About Us

About the shampoo brand The Little French is a French company that manufactures high quality single use hair care products. We have chosen to manufacture our products in France so that we can offer you high quality products and components. We seek to showcase our unique vision of beauty, a vision rooted in our deep commitment to our true values.

Our customer reviews

Very Good

4.8/5 based on 476 reviews

Kenza.A Verified

Extraordinary shampoo, the softness after is incredible, it smells too good does not make the hair greasy and made light I recommend

Salma.G Verified
Very good shampoo

Very good shampoo, pleasant smell and makes the hair soft. Perfect for repairing colored and damaged hair and most importantly no chemicals. I recommend without hesitation

@therealfouz Verified
Fans of the bottox imperial range

The bottox line is great for nourishing your hair especially after coloring. I use Shampou products on a daily basis

@the.joorry Verified
Shampou's best shampoo

I recommend Shampou products, their wide range will allow you to beautify your hair whatever your hair type!

@noorstars Verified
I love Shampou !

I use Shampou products daily to nourish my hair and keep it soft all day long

Model Roz Verified
I love this group

My hair became soft and easy to straighten. This has not happened for many years. I love this group, the smell of their products is very fragrant.

@jazztvshow Verified
Perfect for my hair

just perfect for my hair, the products nourish my hair without making it greasy and my hair has an incredible shine i feel like i just got my hair done. i love it and i recommend it!