Here's why we should add salt to our shampoo when washing our hair

A pinch of salt for beautiful hair? Rich in minerals and trace elements, this condiment goes from our kitchen to our bathroom to boost the health of our hair. A hair routine is no longer restricted to shampoo and conditioner. The treatments are more extensive to meet the needs of each hair type, while the steps are designed to compensate for the slightest inconvenience encountered. Formerly reserved for the face, the scrub is gaining acclaim for taking care of your scalp. Indeed, to have beautiful hair , it is not enough to take care of the lengths. It is necessary to attack the roots, where it originates. A significant aspect that ensures healthy growth. To achieve this, exfoliation of the scalp is recommended. No need to invest in yet another treatment, head to our kitchen to concoct a homemade exfoliating treatment. We knew it was ideal for a foot bath or in a bubble bath, salt is also a key ingredient in our hair routine. Just add two to three tablespoons to two volumes of mild or natural shampoo and wash our hair with this mixture. It is advisable to massage the scalp for a few minutes then leave on for five to ten minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Usefulness of salt and precautions Christophe Robin, head of his eponymous hair brand, confided to Byrdie the usefulness of purifying salt scrubs: “ They help eliminate chemical residues left on the scalp, which can cause itching. More commonly, they help rebalance and soothe oily and irritated scalps ” If table salt can do the trick, you should still choose sea salt. The one from the Dead Sea is one of those that contains the most minerals and trace elements. Thus, while they oxygenate the scalp and rid it of dead skin, the grains strengthen the hair follicles and the scalp thanks to their composition. This stimulates blood circulation and brings the good nutrients up to the hair follicle. Salt acts on oily hair and dandruff. It boosts shine and fortifies the scalp. A natural grandmother's tip that also brings a soothing and relaxing dimension to this moment. Since it is an exfoliation, it is advisable to proceed with precaution via gentle gestures. It is also advisable to perform once a month, at the risk of causing some dryness. In addition, scalps suffering from skin conditions should not do so without consulting a doctor. Also to discover: Here is the trick to make our hair always smell good and last longer... It's not perfume

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